Campus Council Steering Committee


The committee serves as a general steering committee to discuss matters of mutual interest and to assure communications.

Membership includes the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Campus Council, Chair of the Faculty Senate and Chair of the Campus Faculty, Staff Senate Chair and one other Staff member, ASG Preseident and one other student, and the Chair of the Agenda Committee, as an ex officio voting member. They are elected from the membership of the Campus Council, as appropriate.

(Approved by the Campus Council, April 28, 1998).

  Name     Term
  Necia Parker Gibson Chair, Campus Council 2013-14
  Jonnelle Colbert-Diaz Vice Chair, Campus Council 2013-14
  Janine Parry   Faculty Senate Chair 2013-14
  John Rupe   Campus Faculty Chair 2013-14
  Trish Watkings   Staff Senate Chair 2013-14
  Bo Renner   ASG President 2013-14
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