Agenda for Campus Council Meeting
Arkansas Union Theater
April 5, 2006

I. Call to order

II. Approval of the Agenda

III. Approval of Minutes of Fall, 2005 Semester

IV. Report on Environmental Sustanability Committee, submitted by Mike Johnson

V. Old Business

VI New Business

A. Proposal to set meeting dates for all Campus Council meetings.

It is proposed that the Campus Council meetings be scheduled for 3:30 pm on the first Wednesday of November for the Fall semester meeting, and the first Wednesday of April for the Spring semester.

B. Election of Officers

Officers to be elected are: Chair, Vice-Chair.

C. Proposal to appoint a task force to examine the University’s response to inclement weather. (The text of this proposal will be posted to the web as soon as it is available.)

D. Proposed Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy

The minutes of the Faculty Senate where this policy was approved on October 15, 2003 are at:

VII. Adjourn