Campus Council
November 1, 2006
Arkansas Union Theatre
3:30 p.m.
Status: Approved

I. Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 3:31.

II. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved.

III. Minutes of the Spring meeting.

The minutes of the Spring 2006 meeting of the Campus Council were approved.

IV. Roll Call


Officers: Freund, Jones
Voting Members - Ex-officio: Riggs, Whiteside, Looney for Zibert, McNully, Bixby
Administrative Representatives: Pugh
Faculty Senators: Turner, Parry, Kral, Martin, Jensen, Rosenkrans, Riemenschneider, Brady, Wardlow, Salisbury
Staff Senators: Golden, Haley, Melahn, Yell
Student Senators: Cobb, Diggs, Humphreys, Tuttle, Cottrell, Hock
Non-Voting Members, Ex-officio: Smith


Officers: Gray
Voting Members - Ex-officio: Foley
Administrative Representatives: Weidemann, Shannon, Bobbitt, Worrell, Dutton, Greenwood, Saxena, Geren, McMath, Allen, Nance
Faculty Senators: Gay, Dennis, Allison, Mayes, King, Sears,
Staff Senators: Clay, Denger, Blagg, Erbe, Fendley, Fondren, Foshe, MacAtee, Mounce, Perrodin, Gray, Williams
Student Senators: Bookhout, Kees, Francis, Grosso, Watkins, Powell, Churchill, Boeving, Holland, Ribble
Non-Voting Members, Ex-officio: White, Pederson, Brazzell, Gearhart, Hudson

V. Reports of Activity

a. Report of the Chair, Joel Freund

The Chair reported that meetings have been regularized for the Campus Council. Upcoming dates for meetings of the Campus Council are available on the Campus Council Website.

b. Report of the Faculty Senate, Charles Riggs

No report.

c. Report of the Staff Senate, Bruce McNully

The Chair of the Staff Senate reported that their current focus is on studying the "Choose Well" program.

d. Report of the ASG/Student Senate, Quinten Whiteside.

ASG reported on the following issues:

e. Inclement Weather Task Force, Barbara Taylor

Dr. Taylor reported on the Inclement Weather Task Force, a committee that was formed in mid September. Their charge has been to address the Inclement Weather Policy as it currently stands. Dr. Taylor reported that all angles have been examined including distances to the university from home, costs of closing the University for a day, how roads are cleaned, definitions of terms, safe pedestrian routes, and so on. Though not officially completed, Dr. Taylor did report on several recommendations from the Task Force:

-The term "Inclement Weather" needs to be defined clearly;
-The "delayed opening" needs to be clearly defined;
-The policy should address all severe weather scenarios, not just snow and ice;
-Clearer and widespread communication is absolutely essential;
-Need to include Frequently Asked Questions related to Inclement Weather on the U of A web site;
-Should also include material in the Spanish language;
-Must consider the needs of on-campus students and employees who are needed to support them.

VI. Old Business


VII. New Business

a. Resolution in support of “Principles of the University”

A motion passed to support the resolution in support of "Principles of the University".

b. Election of Chair and Vice Chair

By acclimation, Terry Martin was approved to serve as Chair of the Campus Council.

By acclimation, Jeremy Cobb was approved to serve as Vice Chair of the Campus Council.

c. Announcements

Jeannie Whayne, Chair of the Campus Faculty, announced the upcoming Campus Faculty meeting on November 2.

VIII. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.