Campus Council
March 8, 2011
Giffels Auditorium
3:30 p.m.
Status: Approved

Roll Call


Officers: Payne, Dodd, Brady, Jones
Voting Members - Ex-officio: Black, Battjes
Administrative Representatives:
Faculty Senators: Gay, Jensen, Turner, Parry,Smith-Nix
Staff Senators: Vaught, Frye, Payne, Hart, Carter, Donnelly, Bixby, Mounce, Owens, Gilbride
Student Senators: Wright, Mullendore, Jackson, Ensley, Dodd, Pohlner
Non-Voting Members, Ex-officio: Gaber


Voting Members - Ex-officio: DiBrezzo, Freund, Fleming, Johannesen
Administrative Representatives: Vayda, Shannon, Schwab, Worrell, P. Rankin, Smith, Saxena, Shields, Nance, McMath, Henderson Allen, Pugh
Faculty Senators: Stegman, Savin, Brummer, Kirkwood, Salisbury, Wall, Comfort, Fort, Whayne, Riggs, Rhoads
Staff Senators: Parker, Blagg, Martin, Golden, Rowe, Foshe
Student Senators: Spencer, Mattiza, Baxter, Brumfield, Treece, Fitgerald, Ferreira, Hodges, Norton
Non-Voting Members, Ex-officio: Gearhart, Pederson, Choate, Hudson

I. Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 3:31 by the Chair, David Gay.

II. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved.

III. Minutes of the Fall 2010 meeting.

An amendment was made to include the Campus Council Chair's report, item D under reports. Amended minutes approved.

IV. Reports of Activity

a. Report of the Faculty Senate, Timothy Kral

b. Report of the Staff Senate, Angela Black

c. Report of the ASG/Student Senate, Billy Fleming

V. Summary of Campus Council Committee Reports

VI. Old Business

Steering Committee - Janine Parry and Tom Jensen were elected to the Steering committee.

VII. New Business

Janine Parry porposed a change to our election process to ensure our governance groups coincide in terms of Chair positions and elections. The Steering committee will look into this and report back to the Campus Council.

VIII. Announcements

IX. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned by 5 p.m.