Campus Council
December 4, 2012
Giffels Auditorium
3:45 p.m.
Status: Tentative

Roll Call

Present Officers: Savin, Jones

Voting Members - Ex-officio: Kral, Battjes, Watkins

Administrative Representatives:

Faculty Senators: Allison, Comfort, Hall, Jensen, Lehman, Parker Gibson, Zajicek, Rhoads

Staff Senators: Parker, Frye, Colbert, Kramer, Carter, McAtee, Turner, Rowe, Cunningham

Student Senators: Kyle, West, Lewis, Desai, Simpson, Tucker, Rogers, Bruick, Keffler, Kester, Lace, Brumfield, Jenkins, Slank, Priest, Williams, Norton

Non-Voting Members, Ex-officio: Gaber, Gearhart

Absent Officers: Tucker, Brady

Voting Members - Ex-officio:Jones, Pohlner, Norton

Administrative Representatives: Vayda, Shannon, Roberts, Jones, Smith, Martin, Shields, Leeds, McMath, Henderson Allen

Faculty Senators: Dennis, Parry, Rom, Brummer, Freund, Murphy, Fort, Whayne

Staff Senators: Vaught, Blagg, Hart, Bignar, Kramer, Owens, Nixon, Gilbride, Specking

Student Senators: Fleener, Freeman, Renner

Non-Voting Members, Ex-officio: Pederson, Choate, Hudson

I. Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 3:45 by the Chair, Mary Savin.
II. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was amended to remove "New Business" as there was none brought forward. The amended agenda was approved.
III. Minutes of the Spring 2012 meeting
Two spelling changes were suggested for the minutes. The amended minutes were approved.
IV. Reports of Activity
A. Report from Faculty Senate Chair, Timothy Kral

B. Report from Staff Senate Chair, Jeremy Battjes

C. Report from ASG, Tyler Priest

D. Artists and Concerts Committee - No report

E. Campus Climate Committee - No report

F. Catastrophic Leave Committee, Leah Williams

G. All University Conduct/All University Judiciary - No report

H. University Distinguished Lecture Committee, Autumn Lewis

Worked with Honors College to offer the Jane Goodall Lecture

Working on selection of Spring 2012 speaker; some 1500 ballots have been submitted. Will have an announcement after winter break.

I. Fringe Benefits - Minutes online

J. Student Financial Aid, Cathy Lirgg

Since June, 390 appeals received for Student Financial Aid

K. Student Honors, Awards and Convocations - No Report

L. Student Relations - No Report

V. Old Business


VI. New Business


VII. Announcements

VIII. Adjourn
The meeting was adjourned at 4:30.